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When a technology makes a previous object obsolete, grant to that the freedom to become an art form.


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At Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories (ESL), we design and build analog synthesizers with each of their own audio grade components, wooden side panels, circuit boards and structural base frames (chassis). All of which are created entirely by hand and without the use of robotics or Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines in a little woodworking space in the middle of countryside Italy, near Euterpe’s laboratories.



Welded With Love

We weld every single unit by hand and solder love into each piece so even if it’s the same model, it remains unique. Imperfection is beauty. Too much precision is cold. Too many errors means it’s unusable. In medio stat virtus. We do not assemble units without a soul.

Born To Kill”

A die hard chassis and circuitry that allows you to manage a wide range of extremely dynamic audio signals, CV Gate and various kind of nuclear, or traditional, bombardment.

Stunning Communication

We passionately shoot and record the most important moments of your synthesizer unit to create an overwhelming crescendo feeling. Your Euterpe Synthesizer will have its own story before you even paid for it.

Blindfolded Playing

Our interfaces are relaxed and the commands are not too tight. You will not have cables scattered everywhere, especially over the knobs that will be used most frequently. You will perform with ease and find the right command without the hassle of searching for it. Technically speaking, your soul will find it.

Time Travelers

With our synthesizers, we bring an ancient, yet completely new sound palette to your studio. With our equipment, you will find something you cannot simply buy at the store.

Increasing Value

We only weld quality, hand cleaned and tested components. We do not use components recovered from old circuits. Every vintage unit is different from the other. Due to our very limited production quantity and pristine quality of the circuitry, our synthesizers will only increase in value over time. Although it will be difficult to separate from your more familiar equipment since there is often a piece of one’s soul inside the interior, with Euterpe Synthesizers you will receive much more than what you pay for.


The Seconda Serie

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