How We Build It

For Standard Units

Audio grade components on an audio path
Hand built
Each resistor is placed in the same direction for easy accessibility and maintenance
Socketed ICs
Dedicated GND paths to avoid zero plane littering from oscillating circuits
Internal custom carter for EMF rejection
Less cables (EMF caption reduced)
1% resistors when necessary (e.g. on differences amplifier)
Durable switches
Pro-audio chips on audio path

For Vintage Units

Mild Vintage +200 € – Oversize Vintage +500€
Hand tested and clean never mounted 50th, 60th, 70th resistors and Mullard caps
Map of the unit with vintage components underlined.
Uniqueness derived by our fruitful welding fantasy that changes every time. Making each machine different.
Limited stock of vintage components
CV intonation: 1V/oct
CV Gate: 0-5V and common line level audio signal
CV Envelope Generators: 0-10V
Input Impedance: 47k
Output Impedance: 1k
Audio Path dynamic: 15Vpp
DC power supply: + 15V, -15V, + 5V